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SNAPCHAT- #HomiesHelpHomies

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Funded by The Chicago HIVE / Chicago Community trust

Scenarios Media Corps in Chicago is breaking apart standards of social media by using it as a tool to engage youth, as a participatory action research tool, and to ask the question, “How do you help your homies?”

  • Taking place in public spaces (like Millennium Park), at youth-attended events (like 21Minus at the MCA), and in schools (at Lunchroom Takeovers).

The campaign seeks to engage young people in investigating and demonstrating allyship:

  • How do we stand up for our friends?
  • Our communities?
  • Those we don’t know, but believe have human rights to live free of discrimination, actively, and healthy?
  • How do allies lend a hand when they’re asked, instead of making assumptions or exercising privilege, or simply paying “lip service” to the concept of allyship?

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