Dr. Shane McConnell

Dr. Shane McConnell

To date, Dr. McConnell is one of the most dedicated, passionate educators to teach Scenarios USA’s curricula.

Shane McConnell

Shane McConnell has been an educator for over thirty years teaching English and T.V. Production to 10th, 11th and 12th graders. She was first drawn to Scenarios USA to get her students involved in film production.

Through implementing the REAL DEAL curriculum in her classroom, she found that it was incredibly effective. In fact, the second time she taught the curriculum she received twice as many script submissions as term papers required for graduation!

Located in Cleveland, OH, at East Technical High School, Dr. McConnell has now submitted her students’ stories in all three of our most recent REAL DEAL writing contests. Striving endlessly to support and encourage her students to write in their most authentic, genuine voice, Dr. McConnell remains a true innovator in the field of education.

“Scenarios USA is absolutely cutting edge in their conversation about sex, identity and gender roles…Kids are given a wonderful opportunity and they want to participate, they want to write, and they want their stories to be told.”