"What's the REAL DEAL about Love and Solidarity?" Curriculum

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12 Lesson Curriculum – 3 Scenarios Youth-Written, Hollywood Directed Films + Behind the Scenes, Glossary, & Resources.

“What’s the REAL DEAL About Love and Solidarity?” Curriculum

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Love&Solidarity – Glossary

This curriculum is a call to action which engages students in grades 6-12 in thinking critically about who they are and who they want to be.Curric Fundamentals 1 copy

  • Love and Solidarity tie directly to both a student’s identity and to the creation of a personal narrative.
  • Love may refer to a variety of expressions, emotions, and relationships – for some, important examples of love may be virtual; online spaces where identities are created and relationships are formed.
  • We engage students to think critically about the concept and action of Solidarity, considering notions of personal power, privilege, social and financial power, and explore ways to identify and use their own power to support others.
  • Students will explore where Love and Solidarity Intersect for them – how we experience love from the solidarity we demonstrate and live with others, and also the consequences that may be experienced when standing on the side of justice.

Scenarios USA believes that young people are experts on what it means to be teenagers today. The “What’s the REAL DEAL About Love and Solidarity?” curriculum invites students to unpack the concepts evoked by Love and Solidarity and to create a final project that will push us to reflect on and center youth ideas and voices around these complex topics.

This curriculum centers Black youth and young Black women – In the spirit of the Combahee River Collective Statement (1977), this curriculum mirrors the belief that when Black women are free, we are all free. This curriculum has embedded the much needed discussions that youth are seeking to have with trusted adults and with one another.

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Aleah Poster SmAleah

Aleah is the story of a 17-year-old African American girl living in East New York, who becomes pregnant and is forced to turn to violent streets after her abusive mother and boyfriend abandon her. Written by Lani Pringle as a junior at Brooklyn Collaborative High School in Brooklyn, NY. Directed by Laurie Collyer (Sherry Baby, Sunlight Jr)




HNH Poster Sm NEWHouse Not Home

House Not Home is a firsthand account of Terran, an African American gender fluid teenager navigating bullying, violence and rejection from their father and peers before finding their courage and voice to come out. Written by Skyler Edge as a sophomore at Facing History New Tech High School in Cleveland, OH. Directed by Joshua Butler (Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries)




Veracity 27X40smVeracity

Veracity is about a popular African American student, Olivia, who is outed by her friends after she acts on feelings for a new girl at her high school. Veracity explores the tensions and stigma of being gay in the Black community. Written by Janaya Greene as a senior at Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy Chicago, IL. Directed by Seith Mann (The Walking Dead, Homeland)




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