He Said She Said (part of Shortest of the Shorts)


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Running Time 3:30


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Tonight is the night… or is it? A guy doesn’t know the first thing about how to use a condom until his girlfriend sets him straight. This film was written by students from New York, NY and directed by Doug Liman (it also stars Rosario Dawson!)


He Said, She Said was written by Ravi Lambert, Aristides Legakis, Salvador Garcia and Zakii Cotman, four 17-year old teenagers from Harlem and Washington Heights, NY. The film was co-directed by lead writer, Ravi Lambert (Manhattan Village Academy) and Doug Liman (Swingers, Go, The Bourne Identity). The film stars Rosario Dawson (The 25th Hour, Men in Black II) and was produced by Avram Ludwig (Swingers; Fast Food, Fast Women).


  • 1999 New York Contest Winner, New York, TX
  • Aired on Showtime
  • Premiered on MTV as part of World AIDS Day Special
  • Honored with Porter Novelli for Excellence and Innovation in Social Marketing
  • Featured at the Museum of World Cultures, Sweden
  • Featured at the Pride International Film Festival, Philippines
  • Used in various school districts across the country including the NYC School District

The story behind the story

He Said, She Said was Scenarios’ first film and set a high standard for the future Scenarios film shorts. Director Doug Liman extended himself to the youth writers from day one, when the writers were invited to Doug’s house. Ravi Lambert, one of the writers of the winning script, expressed a strong interest in filmmaking. Doug made Ravi co-director of the film and gave him the power to make directorial decisions. Ravi was involved in every part of directing, including giving direction to the actors and calling “Action,” while sitting on the camera dolly next to Doug. In fact, Ravi was responsible for casting a relatively unknown actress (at that time!), Rosario Dawson.

As the writers and director prepared for production, Scenarios was busy trying to raise money for the film, which was their first. With only 3 weeks to go until shooting, Scenarios had raised only half of the money for production! Thankfully, the crew of He Said, She Said worked for almost no money, Kodak donated the film, and the Manhattan-based editing house, Madhouse edited the film pro bono.

He Said, She Said was shot in 12 hours in the writers’ neighborhood of Washington Heights (the northern tip of Manhattan). MTV was also on location, filming the entire process.

He Said, She Said defined the professional quality of all the Scenarios films and the working relationship between the film professionals and the youth.