Don't Dance with Death (part of Shortest of the Shorts)


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Running Time 3:35


Available in Shortest of the Shorts: Four films in one DVD –

Don’t Dance with DeathHe Said, She SaidNightmare on AIDS StreetToday I Found Out


Based on the Mexican myth (“Devil in the Dance Hall.”) A night at a dance club turns serious for four girls when an unwanted image appears. This film was written by students from Pharr, Texas and directed by Hector Galán.


Don’t Dance With Death was written by students at Options and PSJA North High Schools in southern Texas. The film was directed by acclaimed documentarian Hector Galán, shot by Lee Daniel (Dazed and Confused, Slacker) and produced by Avram Ludwig (Swingers; Fast Food, Fast Women). The film features a performance and the Grammy nominated music of Jennifer Pena of Jennifer y los Jetz.


  • Aired on Showtime
  • Film festival features include CineFestival and CineSol
  • Used in school districts across the country including NYC School District
  • Aired on Oxygen Network
  • Honored with Porter Novelli for Excellence and Innovation in Social Marketing

The story behind the story

Two weeks after the production of the 1999 NY film He Said, She Said, the Scenarios gang rushed down to the small border town of Pharr, TX to shoot Don’t Dance With Death. Similar to their experience in NY, Scenarios was on an extremely tight budget. Nevertheless, Scenarios was able to attract extremely talented people to work on the production. After working on He Said, She Said,, producer Avram Ludwig insisted on producing Don’t Dance With Death. And acclaimed cinematographer Lee Daniel, a resident of Austin, joined the Scenarios team and recruited a high caliber team from the Texas film community to participate in the project.

The residents of Pharr, TX came out and showed their support for the production. Part of the film was shot at a nightclub, where 125 kids from the local high school joined the cast to bring the dance sequence alive! Grammy Award nominated artist Jennifer y Los Jetz and her band donated their talent and songs to the film.

The four lead actresses of Don’t Dance With Death, flew to New York to meet the writers of He Said, She Said, and present their film at a glamorous premiere. The day before the film premiered, the writers of both films introduced and screened their films at a school assembly of approximately 300 students at Manhattan Village Academy.