A Man Made Early


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Running Time 15:32

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High school senior, Tony Rodriguez, struggles with the decision of attending a college close to home or accepting a scholarship from a university in another state. Tony will have to confront peer pressure, cultural limitations, and family expectations to make his own decision. This film was written by Angelica Hernandez from Weslaco, Texas and directed by Cruz Angeles.


A Man Made Early was written by Angelica Hernandez from Weslaco, Texas at Weslaco East High School. The film was directed by Cruz Angeles, shot by Naiti Gámez and produced by Megan Gilbride. Subtitled in Spanish and English for the hearing impaired.


The Story Behind the Story

Angelica Hernandez wrote the story for A Man Made Early for a writing assignment as a senior from Weslaco East High School. The assignment was given to the class by their English teacher Elvira Aguayo.

Angelica talked about her experiences with Scenarios USA at the World Premiere in New York City:

“I’ve learned so much throughout this whole experience but was most inspired by the youth conferences we attended as winners of the REAL DEAL writing contest. The youth advocates and leaders spoke of a future where adultism, racism, sexism, or any other ism out there—is not common. I am a leader, and I want to become a youth advocate; I want to inspire youth the way I was inspired; I want to change the norm; and my film is the first step.”

A Man Made Early was shot across two long days all within 2 miles of Weslaco East High School. Angelica wrote the story as a Senior and High School and began her freshman year at The University of North Texas (UNT). She flew back to Weslaco for casting, rehearsals and the shoot. Over 70 students from around the region came to the set to play extras in the school and twelve interns from local high schools worked alongside the crew on both shoot days.