Man in the Mirror


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Running Time 17:11

Behind The Scenes 8:36


Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price as rumors spread that Jason is gay. With his identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to prove that he’s just “one of the boys.” This film was written by Treviny Marie Colon and directed by Joel Schumacher.


Man in the Mirror was written by Treviny Marie Colon from The Bronx, New York at The High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher, shot by Lee Daniel and produced by Jonathan Shoemaker. Subtitled in Spanish and English for the hearing impaired.


The story behind the story

Treviny Marie Colon wrote the story for Man In The Mirror when SPARK Counselor Ruth Nunez introduced her to the “What’s The REAL DEAL about Masculinity?” curriculum and writing contest as a senior.

Treviny spoke about why she made her film at the Scenarios USA 2010 Awards Gala.

There are so many young men of color who are afraid to come out because they’ll be labeled and judged. They’ll be rejected by their family, friends, community and religion. Because they’re afraid of losing everything they’ve ever known. And every time they hear a slur against gays, or don’t hear anything about homosexuality in a sex-ed class or a discussion on masculinity, they become more fearful. They hide from themselves. When people see Man in the Mirror, I hope they’ll step into the unknown, see what’s rarely talked about and understand exactly what’s at stake for a gay man of color in the closet.

Man In The Mirror was shot across two days all within 100 yards of Treviny’s School, the High School of Fashion Industries in the Chelsea section of New York. Fifty students from Fashion and other New York high schools played extras on the first day of shooting and over twelve interns from local high schools worked alongside the crew on both days.