Me, Myself & I


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Running Time 12:30
Behind The Scenes 4:57


A high school girl learns to make choices for herself regardless of what others think.  This film was written by Caroline Boon from Brownsville, Texas and directed by Eva Vives.


Me, Myself and I was written by 17-year old Caroline Boon of Brownsville, TX. The film was directed by Eva Vives (Raising Victor Vargas), shot by Lee Daniel (Fast Food Nation, Before Sunset) and produced by Anish Savjani (Old Joy) and stars Jennifer Salinas.


  • Aired on Showtime Networks, February 2009
  • 2006 Texas Contest Winner, Brownsville, TX
  • Aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network

The Story Behind the Story

Caroline Boon proves that persistence pays off. Caroline won first runner-up in the 2004 “What’s the REAL DEAL?” Contest and was an intern on the set of that year’s Texas winner, Toothpaste. Caroline also joined the Scenarios USA Speakers Bureau and has spoken about the significance of youth creating media about real teen life. When the 2006 contest came around, Caroline submitted a script again and again won first runner-up, proving herself to be an extraordinary writer not once but twice in a row. And when the original winners of the contest were unable to meet the rigorous demands of working with a director to turn their submission into a professional script, Caroline gladly stepped up to the challenge with her submission.

Me, Myself and I was filmed in Brownsville, Texas in March 2007. A professional film crew traveled to the Southernmost tip of Texas for the two-day film shoot, many making the 6 hour drive from Austin to participate.