Thousands of students who go through the REAL DEAL curriculum submit stories to the REAL DEAL writing contest. Stories are chosen through our Selection Committee (a group of volunteers from across the country), and the young writers are partnered with acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers to transform the stories into short films.

The REAL DEAL films get seen by an estimated 15 – 20 million a year in classrooms, on media outlets, and in communities nationwide with lesson plans in all 50 states; they have been featured or have aired on numerous channels and print media — Showtime, BET, mun2, MTV, Oxygen, NYC Media’s Channel 25, ABC World News Tonight, The Today Show, NPR’s On the Media, The New York Times, USAToday, and among others. The films have also won numerous awards, including The Porter Novelli Award for Excellence and Innovation in Social Marketing, The Council on Foundation Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media, and The Paul Robeson Award for Excellence in Independent Filmmaking, along with two Emmys.

Our REAL DEAL program provides a unique and effective way for teenagers to utilize their voice and be heard by an audience they didn’t know they could have. Click here to learn more about the Scenarios REAL DEAL.

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