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 A project that seeks to remind individuals of the role we must each play in creating a safer world for all of us. It is a youth based campaign centered on spreading awareness in the fight to stop sexual violence in the United States and around the world.

Check out our IwillESV Youth Project Contributor, Erin Mckelle, in the Huffington Post, the NSVRC Blog and IwillESV in National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women Here.


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Sexual Assault Awareness Month:

Young people teamed up to create a a campaign that is used as a forum emphasizing the importance of being aware that sexual violence occurs every day and the role individuals play in sexual violence prevention.


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What will you do?

The film that inspired the campaign:

Speechless Sneak Peek from Scenarios USA on Vimeo.

Scenarios USA asked, “What’s the REAL DEAL about gender, power and relationships?” this film is the winning response from Cleveland…

Desmond has a secret he cannot share with anyone.  His grades are slipping, rumors are swirling and he feels powerless, especially when he sees his sister being hurt too. With the support of his father and a new friend, Desmond is able to tell his story of being sexually assaulted and end the cycle of abuse.   Desmond regains his power when he uses his voice.

Speechless examines sexual assault and recovery through power / powerlessness, empathy, communication, and gender stereotypes.

Speechless was written by Roxanne Lasker-Hall when she was a junior at the Cleveland School of the Arts, in Cleveland, OH and directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight and Jennifer’s Body).