About the REAL DEAL

The Scenarios USA REAL DEAL educational programs include Common Core State Standards-based curricula, professional development and a series of short films that help students grades 6-12 to identify and analyze the social norms – especially those at the intersection of race, class and gender – that shape their individual identity as well as healthy decision-making.

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The REAL DEAL curricula are project-based units of work that engage students grades 6-12 in thinking critically and writing creatively about social justice and sexual health topics. Our curricula are mostly used in English, Social Studies, Health and Theater classrooms. They are also used by after-school organizations and in many other contexts.



Scenarios USA has trained hundreds of teachers in the REAL DEAL curricula, which improve the educational and health outcomes of students from under-resourced communities. Our curricula successfully engage students and help them to achieve success at the highest levels by allowing students to bring their social, emotional and cultural lives into the classroom, which strengthens connectedness to their school, their teachers, and their peers.

panel 1Activities from the REAL DEAL curricula include:

  • Creative writing and reflection in journals
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Engaging, interactive, multiple intelligences activities such as creating and performing role-plays, comic strip panels, advertisements and spoken word pieces
  • The final product: each student writes a story, play or script that is the student’s own response to the curriculum’s essential question

“Teaching the REAL DEAL curriculum has helped me to be more empathetic every day. Also, I am learning to respect my students a lot more because they have a lot to say. They are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.”

English Teacher, Edward R. Murrow High School, NY

REAL DEAL curricula currently available:

Each curriculum comes with:

To learn more about the Scenarios USA REAL DEAL, contact Director of Education and Regional Programs, Bianca Laureano at Bianca@scenariosusa.org.


Many of the activities in the curricula use scenes from our REAL DEAL films. These are stories written by teens, for teens, and directed by some of Hollywood’s finest filmmakers. By engaging students in complex stories and characters with whom they can identify, the films allow students to explore concepts in the curriculum in the context of a fictional example.


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