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Scenarios USA now offers in-school residencies in NYC classrooms serving grades 6-12. The Scenarios Residencies marry 15 years of Scenarios USA’s expertise engaging students in critical analysis of their social context with the implementation of the NYC DOE’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: The Moving Image.

Each residency is tailored to satisfy the learning needs

Zach Arts Ed Pilot
Teaching Artist Zach Lennon-Simon with Students from The Academy of Urban Planning, Brooklyn NY.

of each classroom’s student population and to augment existing classroom curriculum.

“These curricula are unique because they are created from student concepts and largely student-driven. This dramatically increases the relevancy for students. They love seeing a diverse group of young people in films that reflect teen views and values.”

– Scenarios USA classroom educator


Scenarios USA’s curricula and student-written films explore a range of topics. The following topics will be used as a jumping off point for the design of the residency based on the classroom educator’s needs.

• Violence Prevention

• Gender and Power

• Masculinity


• Teen Pregnancy

• STI Prevention and Testing

• Place and Power

• Body Image

Films and Resources:

Scenarios USA’s library of three curricula and 24 student-written films will support student learning during the residency. The Teaching Artist and classroom educator select which resources to use for their residency from among these and a wealth of additional resources including short films and media analysis tools.

Final Project:

The Teaching Artist and classroom educator will work together to determine what the students’ final project will look like (e.g. a PSA, a film review, a short film). In all cases, the final project serves as the summative assessment for the classroom work. This hands-on, art-based culmination of the residency’s work brings together all of the learning that happens throughout the workshop and can be used to demonstrate student learning.

“It was beneficial for my students to form sustained relationships with a great teaching artist, participate in a strong culminating project, and delve deeply into complicated gender issues. As a teacher, it was an enriching experience for me to tackle planning and execution together.”

– Aisling Roche, Academy of Urban Planning


Residencies vary in length from 1 day to an entire semester. The final project and formative assessments will be determined by the length of each residency.


Cost varies by residency length and is competitive with comparable programs in NYC. Please contact us at Mia@scenariosusa.org  or call us at 718-230-5125 to discuss bringing Scenarios to your classroom.

NYC Department of Education Vendor Code: 134117469