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Education and the REAL DEAL

The Scenarios USA custom REAL DEAL educational programs include curricula aligned with Common Core State Standards, professional development and a series of short films that help students grades 6-12 to identify and analyze social norms – especially those at the intersection of race, class and gender – that shape their individual identity as well as healthy decision-making. The REAL DEAL cycle culminates in a writing contest, providing the youth written stories which turn into our REAL DEAL films

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REAL DEAL Education

Each year, hundreds of educators attend our REAL DEAL professional development workshops to learn how to implement the student-centered, standards-based REAL DEAL curriculum into their classrooms and community organizations. Learn more about the REAL DEAL in Education.

Love and Solidarity Curriculum + Additional Love and Solidarity Materials


Thousands of students who go through the REAL DEAL curriculum submit stories to the REAL DEAL writing contest. Stories are chosen, and the young writers are partnered with acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers to transform the stories into short films for national distribution. Learn more about the REAL DEAL Films.

REAL DEAL Youth Leadership & Engagement

Our work extends beyond the classroom and film set into intensive youth development and advocacy projects. Through these projects, we infuse arts and media into youth’s everyday lives and engage them in advocacy, public speaking opportunities, and after-school activities.

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Teaching Artist Residencies

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Scenarios USA’s reach into classrooms goes beyond the REAL DEAL educational programs: Scenarios USA now offers in-school residencies in NYC classrooms serving grades 6-12! The Scenarios Residencies marry 15 years of Scenarios USA’s expertise engaging students in critical analysis of their social context with the implementation of the NYC DOE’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: The Moving Image. Learn more about Teaching Artist Residencies.

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