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The Scenario Blog is where young people and other members of the Scenarios family come to talk and keep talking about social justice issues, the Internet, culture, film and whatever else is on their mind!

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New Cycle. New Curriculum.New Contest

Cecilia Mejia By Cecilia Mejia, August 16, 2017

              Introducing What’s the REAL DEAL about
                                       Truth &  » Read more »

Get to know Cleveland winning writer, Mayraleeh Nelson

Cecilia Mejia By Cecilia Mejia, April 3, 2017

By Scenarios Alumna and writer of Veracity,

 » Read more »

Cecilia Mejia By Cecilia Mejia,


“We shouldn’t wait so long to put the pens and hear the stories of those young people growing up…”  » Read more »

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