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MTV’s “White People” Puts White People’s Feelings First, As Usual

Janee Woods By Janee Woods, July 28, 2015

I admit that my curiosity was piqued by the potential of “

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Is “Tangerine” A Must-See Movie? Absolutely.

Arisce Wanzer By Arisce Wanzer, July 16, 2015

Tangerine_(film)_POSTERI didn’t know what to expect when my friend Cameron invited me to the L.A.

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Writer/Director Rachel Israel’s “Keep the Change” is a Revolutionary Love Story

Alysia Abbott By Alysia Abbott, July 15, 2015

keep the change thumbnail_1Rachel Israel has done something I’ve never seen before on film.

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Scenarios Youth Present “Veracity” at NBC

Scenarios USA By Scenarios USA, July 10, 2015

Our youth are talented and dedicated,

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“Jason and Shirley” and Dogs and Black Men at BAM

Steven Thrasher By Steven Thrasher, June 22, 2015

On Thursday night,

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