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Young people’s voices and experiences are often fleeting or unheard, especially when it comes to the things that matter to them.  Scenarios works to support a generation of reflective, outspoken, and confident youth.


It all begins in the classroom with our Scenarios REAL DEAL curricula. Students who go through the program enter our writing and storytelling contest, asking teens 6-12th grade to expand thinking about everything from What does it mean to be Masculine? to What does the intersection of Place and Power mean to you?

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Comic by Mike Funk

Thousands of people from across the U.S. select the winning stories from our regions of NYC, and Cleveland. Our contest youth winners are then paired with Hollywood Directors, turning their stories into authentic, and powerful short films.


The films become part of the lesson plans in our next Scenarios curriculum, amplifying those messages for hundreds of thousands of other young people. The films also air on places like Showtime, where Scenarios gives young people’s voices the ability to reach millions every year.


We believe that by valuing youth and their stories, we strengthen academic achievement, promote civic engagement and support young people in becoming engaged citizens and healthy individuals.


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