The Story of Scenarios

Scenarios USA approaches sexual health not as a standalone issue but as intertwined with young people’s overall lives and agency.


As such, the organization’s “sex ed” work is part of a broader strategy of fostering self-expression, leadership, and advocacy among youth, especially among those living in marginalized communities.

In 2014, The Population Council published a case study on Scenarios:

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Instead of teaching adolescents about contraceptive methods, Scenarios has them thinking and writing about gender norms, power dynamics, and intimate relationships in their own lives.

Read about how here: The Story of Scenarios 

Moreover, Scenarios gives young people’s voices a permanent life. Whereas young people’s voices are often fleeting, the organization sponsors a writing contest, selects winning stories, and translates them into powerful short films. These videos then become part of the next Scenarios curriculum, amplifying the message for hundreds of thousands of other young people. Scenarios is advancing the field toward what appears to be a far more promising approach—one that calls on us to depart from conventional approaches to sexuality education. The health, safety, and wellbeing of the next generation depend on our responding to the evidence and continuing to innovate.