Amandla, Zendaya, Willow & Jaden: Black Teen Celebs On Point

Brianna Garrett By Brianna Garrett, April 28, 2015

Recently I was scrolling through Amandla Stenberg’s Tumblr when I saw an Anon commenter attempt to dismiss the current Black Enlightenment (as I call it) as nothing more than a “fad.”

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Why “Furious 7” Is Maybe the Year’s Most Important Action Movie

Sasha Tartikovsky Jones By Sasha Tartikovsky Jones, April 27, 2015

furious 7A few Sundays ago,

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We See You, Smart Black Boys and Girls

Janee Woods By Janee Woods,

Can I be honest with you right now?

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Franchesca Ramsey, Liz Plank, Michaela Angela Davis Among “Scenarios Influencers”

Rebecca Carroll By Rebecca Carroll, April 23, 2015

Central to the work we do at Scenarios is our belief that young people are the cultural prophets of widespread social change.

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