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Scenarios USA By Scenarios USA, November 4, 2013

What do Andray Blatche, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez have to say about Place and Power?

We asked them to define these terms so that students can use these stories as inspiration for reflecting on their own.

Everyone is shaped by their environment;

  • our homes
  • our communities
  • our schools
  • our emotions
  • our social place
  • and our online spaces

all create the complex web of experiences which form our identity.

We are also shaped by power;

  • financial power
  • physical power
  • institutional power
  • privilege
  • and marginalization

dictate our interactions and lives.

When we explore how these two intersect-

how we get power from our place or how we are marginalized by place

-we begin to understand ourselves and each other.

This is the REAL DEAL about Place and Power.

By reflecting on these issues in the classroom, students will leave with a better understanding of who they are now and who they want to be.


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