Scenarios USA presents… The International Baccalaureate!

Scenarios USA By Scenarios USA, January 7, 2013

We’re excited and delighted to announce that Scenarios USA has been asked to present a 2.5 day workshop for the International Baccalaureate (IB) in New York City in February!

What’s the REAL DEAL? Exploring gender norms, empowerment and human relationships

February 22-24, 2013, Hilton New York, New York, NY

This innovative workshop will transform the way you teach young people to discuss, analyze and write by engaging them in thinking critically about the roles gender and power play in their daily lives.The facilitators use a positive, creative arts-based approach to show you how to assume the central role in effectively guiding students to self-discovery, open dialogue and their own creative work

Presented by knowledgeable IB workshop leaders!

o   Ernestine Heldring, an IB Diploma (DP) graduate herself, has played numerous roles in the IB world: she taught MYP and Diploma Humanities in the Netherlands, was part of two MIddle Years Programme (MYP) Guide writing teams, a workshop leader, a curriculum writer, and an IB staff member. She presents REAL DEAL workshops on behalf of Scenarios USA, a national nonprofit organization that supports youth development and advocacy through the arts.

o   Co-presenter Niki Singh, involved with IB since 1998, has conducted consultation, authorization, and evaluation visits to more than 100 schools. Niki is an MYP teacher with experience in the Primary Years Programme and the DP.

Supported by award-winning films—Watch Scenarios USA’s powerful short films and learn to lead discussions about how the films relate to students’ lives. Through this process, students learn to express their underlying beliefs and attitudes, start to share ideas and challenge peer social norms.

  •  Enhanced through the use of journal writing, storytelling and empathy-building activities
  • Journal writing and storytelling help students form emotional connections to the content, their own learning, and the teacher. Students reflect on what has helped to shape their story, in order that they may intentionally direct the unfolding of the next chapters in a self-authored story, play or script.
  • Empathy skill-building is vital to preventing violence in schools and communities. Learn to guide students as they explore prejudice and violence caused by intolerance related to race, class and other identities.
  • Built around the Common Core State Standards—This workshop emphasizes critical analysis and self reflection that can help students reach the highest benchmarks for the Common Core State Standards for English and Social Studies, as well as for national learning standards for Health and Theater Arts.

Register today! Bring a colleague and share the experience. Click here for more information and to register:

Ernestine will be presenting the same workshop in London, UK in June.

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