Feminist Teacher

Scenarios USA By Scenarios USA, March 26, 2012

As REAL DEAL educators, we work together to create safe spaces for our students to talk about the pressing social issues in their lives that shape their identity, their values and their narratives. Our most recent curriculum, “What’s the REAL DEAL about Gender, Power and Relationships?,” engages students in thinking critically about institutional power, oppression, traditional gender norms, and power structures in intimate relationships.

Ileana Jimenez

Most of our REAL DEAL teachers work in the public school system, but that doesn’t mean we’re the only ones doing this work! It was with great pleasure that I was introduced to Ileana Jiménez, who is a teacher and a blogger. Passionate about creating inclusive schools, Ileana believes in transforming education for gender, racial, and economic justice. She says,

“In my mind, a feminist pedagogy is one in which issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, politics, and human rights—among others—inform a teacher’s philosophical vision that shapes not only content but also action, both that of the teacher as well as the students in the classroom and beyond.”

Check out her inspiring work as it’s reflected on her blog, Feminist Teacher.

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